Hi Sexy

Feeling sexy is just a matter of fact that you love yourself, it doesn’t goes with how you look. You might be too skinny but still you feel sexy about your looks and make yourself fell in love with you. Ab lagta hai todha serious ho gaya, Bhai patla mota hona kissi ke haath mein Tou hai nahi, if you are skinny still you can be happy with your ass and boob(yeh baat alag hai, still you are thinking of implants) but ki farak penda hai, at least when you will cuddle a guy, he will later complains you that- Devi, I still have bruises on my body parts.
I, being super slightly over healthy on the other hand acts like Dunlop mattress, but still I believe on this fact, that “Dogs like bones and men like flesh”. Funny naa.
Girls, we are the one who has “Barkat” in our hands, we make things look bigger, which are actually not. Guys may be the one who just wanted to satisfy their outburst, they don’t have any other options then to beg in front of us. They knows that if we are happy we can help him to release his outburst, but most of the time he doesn’t know what we are thinking. What is their in our minds? Guy is actually thankful to us and how he thanks us, by sleeping next to us. So get your engine started and seduce him more .
Now coming back on point, I have a different ways to make myself feel sexy, I am sharing one with you here, and guys don’t try to use it on me because “you can’t tame the master”.
When I feel little low or I want to feel myself sexy, and but off course I am alone, I use my left hand…. Hey, stop thinking naughty, I use my left hand and I move my fingers in my hair, slowly and softly like I want to love myself. Just to make myself special and in my soft hair at ” head” I again fell in love with myself
Ladies, you must try and you will know what kind of feeling it is when you love yourself.

Catch you with my next blog…
Dasvidaniya… Love yaa… Till then love yourself…. Muah


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