A weaken ray of death

I was reading a news about a girl, who actually became a news. She was a news of 5th page of newspaper when she was alive, and when she is dead she is a news of last page. Everyone talked about “Nirbhaya” aka Jyoti, but nobody talked about this girl, let’s name her “Anamika”.
Anamika, when she felt ill, went to a hospital in chattisgarh,where doctor, let’s call him ” Devil” detected that she has jaundice, and she was been raped by him for continuously for 3 days. She was sicked and was raped. She was in pain and her soul was dead.
She gathered her all strength and tried to file a complaint against the Devil, she was again raped by two policemen, let’s call them “Rakshak”. These Rakshak became Bhakshak. She filed the case against all the three culprits but she didn’t got the justice. भले ही क़ानून की देवी हो, पर उस देवी की आँख पर पट्टी बंधने वाले हैं तो दानव ही।
Then the day came when she lost her battle and she died, committing suicide was her only way left. she lost the battle because of such a supportive judicial system where female won’t get the justice, the justice which is her birth right.
Actually, we females are very weak, we are weak coz we don’t raise our voice, we are weak coz we don’t cut the manhood which makes man feel proud about being a man. Many of us don’t file complaints . We don’t shout when a bastard tries to touch us public, we don’t kick his ass when he uses offensive words for us. We are weak because we are taught that you are delicate, you are . Very few people had taught their daughters to be the toughest ones.

Women you are not a toy to play. Voice up and say… WE ARE NOT FOR USE


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