Am I missing love for nation among my fellow countrymen?

The truth of nationalism is serving humanity- Unknown

The people who follows this, I have 2 words for you, “fuck off”.

No, I am really sorry when I see the current scenario, and why shouldn’t I be. I am a born Hindu, living in my own country. I see my country men fighting for my nation or shall I say fighting with nation. When I was a little girl, we had been taught, India is my country, all Indians are my brother and sister. I still follow it. But now no more. 

Someone who will look at my country with little twitchy eye is not my brother or sister. I will not spare him/her and will try and grill them to hell. Some how, I see some so called nationalist, who has totally different point of view, which actually and factually incorrect, against the nation’s native and constitution. They had grown up like mushrooms, like poisonous ones. Harming the integrity of nation.

Some are against army, some are against the government, some against the 70% of the population, some against the law. And what for, just to be in news. Just to influence people. Just to drag them in no good nonsense.

My country needs to grow, kids needs education, cities needs development, villages needs growth. Borders needs to get secure, youth needs jobs. But still what we are getting into pseudo secular talks, badi bindi gang talks, no welfare but stupid intellectual wars. 

Think, and respond. What we should do


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