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I was never a fan of Gandhi, and I am still not… I never liked him… Maybe because I never liked selfish people… He was a selfish man throughout his life… For instance… He left his country to get his degree in law… That time too we were under British rule🇬🇧… But suddenly his patriotism woke up when he was thrown out of the 🚆 train… Suddenly… Mind it suddenly… When he came back to India🇮🇳… He started a non co-operation movement… Where he said not to use British products, leave government jobs and education… भाई साहब क्यों? तुम पढ़े तो ठीक, दूसरा ना पढ़े। Then he suddenly took the movement back.. because he made the deal with English government and left Indians nowhere. He had been mean throughout his life and history showed us how.
He is the one who even left his own kids on road to die… His kins were rolling on roads for the survival…
There are plenty of examples in the history of his selfish motives. He was mean to everyone, mean to his wife, kids, nation and to everyone.
I strongly recommend not to use Mahatma in his name, because he was not a one.
I don’t want to see him on currency. I want Bhagat Singh on currency and everywhere.
Gandhi was too much hyped, whereas, Chandra Shekhar Azad, Subhash Chandra Bose, and many more never got what which they deserve.
Sorry Mr. Gandhi,but Mr. Gordse should have done this many years before what he has done in 1948.

People might find me ‘stupid’, ‘anti-national’ ‘irrational’ but honestly I don’t give a ‘F’ on it.
Not up to my mark Gandhi. You are not my ‘father of nation’

Am I missing love for nation among my fellow countrymen?

The truth of nationalism is serving humanity- Unknown

The people who follows this, I have 2 words for you, “fuck off”.

No, I am really sorry when I see the current scenario, and why shouldn’t I be. I am a born Hindu, living in my own country. I see my country men fighting for my nation or shall I say fighting with nation. When I was a little girl, we had been taught, India is my country, all Indians are my brother and sister. I still follow it. But now no more. 

Someone who will look at my country with little twitchy eye is not my brother or sister. I will not spare him/her and will try and grill them to hell. Some how, I see some so called nationalist, who has totally different point of view, which actually and factually incorrect, against the nation’s native and constitution. They had grown up like mushrooms, like poisonous ones. Harming the integrity of nation.

Some are against army, some are against the government, some against the 70% of the population, some against the law. And what for, just to be in news. Just to influence people. Just to drag them in no good nonsense.

My country needs to grow, kids needs education, cities needs development, villages needs growth. Borders needs to get secure, youth needs jobs. But still what we are getting into pseudo secular talks, badi bindi gang talks, no welfare but stupid intellectual wars. 

Think, and respond. What we should do

A weaken ray of death

I was reading a news about a girl, who actually became a news. She was a news of 5th page of newspaper when she was alive, and when she is dead she is a news of last page. Everyone talked about “Nirbhaya” aka Jyoti, but nobody talked about this girl, let’s name her “Anamika”.
Anamika, when she felt ill, went to a hospital in chattisgarh,where doctor, let’s call him ” Devil” detected that she has jaundice, and she was been raped by him for continuously for 3 days. She was sicked and was raped. She was in pain and her soul was dead.
She gathered her all strength and tried to file a complaint against the Devil, she was again raped by two policemen, let’s call them “Rakshak”. These Rakshak became Bhakshak. She filed the case against all the three culprits but she didn’t got the justice. भले ही क़ानून की देवी हो, पर उस देवी की आँख पर पट्टी बंधने वाले हैं तो दानव ही।
Then the day came when she lost her battle and she died, committing suicide was her only way left. she lost the battle because of such a supportive judicial system where female won’t get the justice, the justice which is her birth right.
Actually, we females are very weak, we are weak coz we don’t raise our voice, we are weak coz we don’t cut the manhood which makes man feel proud about being a man. Many of us don’t file complaints . We don’t shout when a bastard tries to touch us public, we don’t kick his ass when he uses offensive words for us. We are weak because we are taught that you are delicate, you are . Very few people had taught their daughters to be the toughest ones.

Women you are not a toy to play. Voice up and say… WE ARE NOT FOR USE

Hi Sexy

Feeling sexy is just a matter of fact that you love yourself, it doesn’t goes with how you look. You might be too skinny but still you feel sexy about your looks and make yourself fell in love with you. Ab lagta hai todha serious ho gaya, Bhai patla mota hona kissi ke haath mein Tou hai nahi, if you are skinny still you can be happy with your ass and boob(yeh baat alag hai, still you are thinking of implants) but ki farak penda hai, at least when you will cuddle a guy, he will later complains you that- Devi, I still have bruises on my body parts.
I, being super slightly over healthy on the other hand acts like Dunlop mattress, but still I believe on this fact, that “Dogs like bones and men like flesh”. Funny naa.
Girls, we are the one who has “Barkat” in our hands, we make things look bigger, which are actually not. Guys may be the one who just wanted to satisfy their outburst, they don’t have any other options then to beg in front of us. They knows that if we are happy we can help him to release his outburst, but most of the time he doesn’t know what we are thinking. What is their in our minds? Guy is actually thankful to us and how he thanks us, by sleeping next to us. So get your engine started and seduce him more .
Now coming back on point, I have a different ways to make myself feel sexy, I am sharing one with you here, and guys don’t try to use it on me because “you can’t tame the master”.
When I feel little low or I want to feel myself sexy, and but off course I am alone, I use my left hand…. Hey, stop thinking naughty, I use my left hand and I move my fingers in my hair, slowly and softly like I want to love myself. Just to make myself special and in my soft hair at ” head” I again fell in love with myself
Ladies, you must try and you will know what kind of feeling it is when you love yourself.

Catch you with my next blog…
Dasvidaniya… Love yaa… Till then love yourself…. Muah

Loner bitchy but not sluty

Yes, I do feel lonely. I am lonely by my choice, I had been loner throughout my life, either I am without people or with people.
People know me, as a jolly, bubbly, always cheerful, fun person to hangout, but yes, they don’t know what is going in my mind, when they are with me I am always planning their murders, ab koi dhol Baja kar murder Tou plan karega nahiiii…
I know this is no good. But I like to live alone, I am not in habit now to be with people. Jus for instance, I haven’t went for movie in since 2nd June 2013, my friends and family is for movie today “Wazir” and I am thinking how I will adapt in this situation, so I denied saying ” what will I do in between you couples”.
Just a week back, I had an encounter with a guy, a little date kind of thing, where I was having whiskey on the rocks and he was having Red bull(lal saand). I know little girly on his end, Waise bhi I had been a guy throughout, poor he had to bear me for that evening. Later on, as expected( that was my expectation, unknowingly his, ab koi antaryami Tou hu nahi) we had couple of kisses, how stupid and blunt could be I said, “lagta hai practice katam ho gai”. Fuck I really said that.
But, actually, I was in the state of little shock because I haven’t had an encounter with a guy in such a long period, last I had it when I was drunk on 22nd September 2014, I know…I know… Completely and unexpectedly reverse of me. Fuck but that’s so fucking true.
Ab, this if I share with any family members, they will be stuck like fixed, and I would be getting dialogues like,” is ladki ko sharam bhi nahi aati batate hue yeh sab”. Ab hum koi sharma todhi hai jo sharma jaye.
Lol, sex is my choice and with my comfort not with the comfort of others. I enjoy even in self pleasures with little things, but will post that in next blog, till then enjoy this one.
Sayonara… Dasvidaniya

Dream of Genie-30

You like it naa, I love it… This shade is from Sonia Kashuk, my sister got it for me, I never got a chance to brag about it, but I really liked it.
Now, why I like it, it is lustrous, shiny and pink. Moreover, it suits me well.
Best part with this nailpaint is, it is a quick dry.
Girls, it is “Dream of Genie-30”
A must in your bag..
Muah muah…
Happy bhaidujh babes..

A P J Kalam

I was a little girl, he was old. I use to crawl but he use to run. I was growing older, he was too. Now, I know him, but he don’t know me. I use to read him he use to read the Nation.
He was active while he is 84, running, walking, working.
I hope I be like you.
Fact is, you are like a new age god to us

कभी कभी थक गिरना भी अछ्छा होता।
पत्ता चल जाता है की पैरों के निचे भी ज़मीन है।
पत्ता चल जाता है कौन कितना करीब है।

अकेले आये है

अकेले आये थे दुनिया में अकेले ही जाना है।
सोचा था यादो का जहाँ साथ जायेगा।
अब तो यादें भी दर्द देती है।
छोड़ कर इन्हें मुसाफिर तू अकेला ही जायेगा।