अकेले आये है

अकेले आये थे दुनिया में अकेले ही जाना है।
सोचा था यादो का जहाँ साथ जायेगा।
अब तो यादें भी दर्द देती है।
छोड़ कर इन्हें मुसाफिर तू अकेला ही जायेगा।


सोचा ना था ऐसा भी होगा।

कभी सोचा ना था ऐसा भी होगा।
हम दुसरो के आसरे हो जायेंगे।
वक़्त ना होगा किसी को भी हमारे लिए।
हम खुद से ही तन्हा हो जायेंगे।
कोई सोच भी नहीं सकता किसी के दिल की बात।
हम खुद की नज़रो के काबिल भी ना होंगे।
समझ भी ना पाएंगे खुद के जज़्बातों को।
हम खुद ही अपने खुदा के काबिल हो जायेंगे।
वक्त की बातें कौन बाटेंगा हम से।
हम खुद से ही जुदा हो जायेंगे।
अब तो रूह भी देती है दागा ।
हम ना समझे कि हमें क्या हुआ।
कातिल हो गए है खुद के ।
ज़माने को क्यों अब दे सज़ा।

Margarita with straw

A movie with a notations to love yourself. No matters, how you are, who you are, what you are, it is just needed that you love yourself.
Love is beautiful. It is colourful. As colourful as your smiles, your sorrows, your happiness. Be it love among brother and sister, be it is between sisters, be it love among father and lad, be it love among mother and daughter,  love is love.
Story of Liayla is so different, she is a patient of cerebral palsy and a bisexual too. But she is brave hearted too, to accept and open to her mom. But when she told her mom about it her mom only heard “bai”…
Revathi and kalki was so good at it, that they connect to you emotionally.
A bond is very beautiful.


काश वो मेरे साथ होता । वो काश मेरे पास होता। तो मैं भर लेती उसको बाँहो में। और कहती उसको अपने दिल की बात की क्यों मुझे कुछ अछा नहीं लगता कि क्यों कटती है मेरी रातें करवटे बदलती हुई। की क्यों मेरी ज़िन्दगी हो गई है उस मोमबती की तरह। जो जलती तो है रोशनी देने के लिए पर ख़तम खुद हो जाती है। वो कहाँ मेरी ज़िन्दगी के हसीन लम्हें जो कभी हमने  साथ बिताएं थे। कि मुस्कुराती  मैं थी और आँखों में चमक तुम्हारी आ जाती थी। 
हम घूमते थे यादों की गलियों में और हँसी चेहरे पर आ जाती थी। हम सोचते थे एक दूसरे की मन की बात और लम्हें बन जाते थे।

Do I really need it

People makes perception about others without even knowing the story behind their lives. Today it happened same with me. A fellow said that’s good that you are not getting married because you are not emotional towards the death of dog. So your emotions towards human will be 60-70%.
How could anybody say so?
Darling! You don’t know the story behind it. Actually, you don’t know me that well even.
I hate dogs because I have a dog bite when I was just a kid might be 5-6 years old. Because of that I can’t wear shorts. I can’t even swim wearing actual swimming costume.
And, why I don’t trust most people because of my past experiences with them. The ditches backstabbing and all big stories.
You don’t know me well then too you are commenting on me. Dear please know me first then comment. I don’t really need it.


Some times you jus enjoy the waves of feelings inside you…
Today I realised that there is a new feeling… EMPTYFULL…
A friend of mine came to Delhi and spend couple of hours… A friend who is a combination of guide,a guardian, a gummy bear, a gunda..
Meeting with this insane, crazy, emotional fool is like seeing a mirror. He n me shares so many common attributes, n best part is we both like to talk each other . we like to fight with each other.. We like to tease each other… And the list goes on and on…
Whenever, I meet him I feel like getting new strength and I get a boost… But this time I got a new feel that something is jus gone with him. I still miss the days, we use to spend together. I miss the pranks, jibes, parties, our dishum dishum…

India’s daughter

A story of a girl and Indian juridical system.
Where she seeks for justice and government treats the rapists as “son in law”.
They are still alive… Commenting shit about females and Indian culture. But still they are ready to give another lesson/message to the society.
Good, they should give 1 more lesson because we, our system,our society is so weak.. We can’t take action against them. We don’t have guts. We are spineless. We will serve our girls to these bastards to enjoy.

they inserted rod again and again in her vaginal organ, and reached to place where they took her intestines out and even still they didn’t stopped. They still continued brutally to do what they were doing.

But… Can’t we cut their manhood. Can’t we hang them in public. Can’t we treat them the way they treated that innocent girl who did nothing to them….
The truth is we will remain silent for our girls to get slaughtered…because educated persons like lawyers thinks that if their daughter got raped or sleeps with somebody before marriage has done a crime and he will burn that girl in his farmhouse and in front of his whole family.

Gals… Gals… Gals…

If you really wanna see the latest fashion among the females in Delhi… Try to travel in metro.. These females really know how to dress up… Some wearing latest clothesline… Some wearing designer foot wears … Some has beautiful makeup done… Some wearing nice jewellery… I clearly see beautiful ladies but bit in a rush… Rush to reach home… and cook… Cook for those who doesn’t give them the rest… They wake up early… Cook for  the day…Dressed up wisely… Reaches office… Work their ass off.. Tries to get home early… Cook again… And the cycle goes on n on…without a break.. Without a praise… And still they stand up so beautifully…
That’s what WOMEN is….


Story of a girl with a scar…
While travelling through I saw a girl with a scar…scar on the face was so prominent that it is visible from far. The girl was standing in the middle of sitting area and is very prominently visible in the crowd. The confidence she was posing in was such that everyone can put a glanced look and smile. The scar may have a story but before I could even think of something adventurous, there was a call for “mayur Vihar extension” and she left. Left me thinking… To frame a story… A story of her scar