After posting about my going back on my old habit of watching movies alone and I watch a very nice movie that is LIPSTICK UNDER MY BURKHA. I have following observations with this movie. You might call me feminist after this.

1. Love can happen in any age, with anyone and anywhere. If you don’t like the person, at least don’t insult her, you can avoid.

2. Sex is never the choice of male, it’s always the choice of female. She is the one who can allow the entry of man’s tool in her vagina.

3. If you are keeping 2 women together you are not only disrespectful to those 2 females but you are disrespecting all women inclusive your mother.

4. Every woman has a right to be loved, if she has some sexual desires and she wants to have pleasure, she has all right to do it.

5. Sex is beautiful feeling and experience, there is no point of making worse and humiliating.

6. Every woman has a right to take care of herself and her family, if husband is not working, she has right to earn her living.

7. Right to wear whatever is must, else how she will express herself.

8. A woman can buy herself a condom, she has all rights to protect herself. I may sound like feminist but I support women rights.